FTZ & CFS Warehouse

Timoda Logistics Line’s 4,200-square metre warehouse and container freight station has 15 loading bays to facilitate quick sorting and speedy distribution from Singapore’s Keppel Distripark. Within 48 hours of arrival, computer-generated reports on discrepancies and damage reports are made and transmitted to our agents and acted upon within 24 hours. This facility serves as consolidation & de-consolidation terminal within a free trade zone (FTZ) where goods are moved to and from the area without customs intervention if compliant with FTZ rules and regulations. This is part of a 480-square metre warehouse, acting as a stuffing, destuffing and transshipment centre.
Timoda Logistics also provide a 5000 sqft bonded for tobacco and spirits.

* Containers haulage / trucking.
* Stuffing / instuffing of container.
* Cargo internal railing within Keppel Distripark (KD).
* Cargo & container photo taking using digital camera.
* Metal racking for fragile / unstackable cargo.
* Documentation clearance.
* Cargo repalletizing, repacking, & labelling.
* Dangerous goods & heavilift handling.
* Transloading.